We share our own photo and story, as part of the journey alongside some of the real women in our lives, during the ever changing phases of life.

Perhaps we have planned a wedding, or planned a family, or planned out a career, maybe we planned out calendars and meals. Sadly, sometimes we have watched our plans fall apart. Either way, you get it- that we get it. We are embracing the process as we all move forward throughout these phases.

We happen to have met in our children’s classroom and although world’s apart at first, we quickly came together. The two separate worlds that sometimes make you stand in one corner of the room rather than another, one of us a stay at home Mom and the other a working Mom. We realized quickly that we were still in the very same phase and the walls came down. We both believed in family first, education, community, good food and teaching both empathy and resilience to our children.

Whether you live in a suburban town like Basking Ridge, NJ, a quiet ranch or a bustling city we all have roots somewhere. We happen to love our somewhere that has a tight knit feel, rich in community and education. “From the earliest days of Bernards Township, the residents of this small farming community valued education”(Schoolhouses of Early Bernards Township, p.7)

We valued all of the friendships we made in many classrooms along the way but we also maintained a sisterhood with all of the women in our lives that didn’t have families.

Our kids are in High School now and our path has reunited in this phase thorough an ideology and business that supports home.

Whether you are in your nest or out of your nest, whether you are a stay at home Mom, a working Mom or not a Mom at all- we invite all Chicks in all phases of life to join us on a journey of creating and recreating the feeling of coming home…it’s at the heart of everything we do!

Keri & Ruth