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Beach Poachers

While on a beach vacation, there are just certain things that you need to take pretty seriously. If you are lucky enough to sit on a beach I’m pretty sure you are like me and don’t want to stare at the back of people’s heads but rather enjoy the prime real estate of the great blue Atlantic.

In order to achieve this it takes an early bird Chick to get the worm. So although my family likes to tease me about setting up our beach home base( sometimes still in my pajamas) they are always elated to reap the rewards of the beautiful view.

You would probably agree that the early morning provides some of the best hours of the entire day. The utter peacefulness, the silence of the beach and sound of the waves, the pristine seashell hunting, the not so rare drive by of dolphins, and the perfectly combed morning sand between your toes.

Like I said, it does take early birding out of your beach nest in order to make this happen. If you spend the kinda time I spend at the beach it becomes a priority on your chore list. Until of course it is washed away by some random land poachers who leisurely appear directly in front of you. They have taken their time already exercised, enjoyed their morning coffee, definitely a large breakfast and perhaps even a light lunch, glistening in sunblock they have zero regard for dropping their umbrella and chairs to obstruct your view.

I can’t help but think, am I invisible I mean I know I’m small in front of the ocean but I know you see my stuff here people? They avoid eye contact until they can’t bare it any longer. When they finally lock eyes I decide to just take a deep breath and look away. I think and hope to myself… I pray my kids have been paying attention to my early morning beach set up. I pray they will someday get up early, set up early and most importantly if they come late- so should their real estate reflect that at the back of the beach.

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