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Snap That Classic Summer Photo!

Summer vacations are such a brilliant invention! Disappear for a short period of down time with just your nuclear unit or if you are lucky enough your extended fam. Just get away and do it together.

Sometimes we make it a tradition to vacation in the same spots. Other times we mix it up and start taking in the sights. Wherever you go, whatever you do, the together part is what matters. So don’t forget while you are in the midst of the memory making to snap that classic summer time picture.

It can be at any moment in the journey but don’t let it slip away, these photos can transcend time and speak volumes about the moments, the bonds and the history.

Brothers and sisters come of age during summer vacations. Mother in laws and daughter in laws can really get to know one another, cousins bond for life over silly games or scary adventures, husbands and wives can stare into each other’s eyes just a little bit longer.

Summer’s come and go and they always come to an end. So take a new photo and take good care of the old ones. All too soon there comes a time when not everyone is in the frame of the lense. Keep taking those family vacations and come home with pictures!

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