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Summer is Wine-ing Down

Warning: The author of this post may seem more of a lush than she is. Truly.

summer-is-wine-ing-down2Summer’s winding down. Tan lines peaked, first-day-of-school pictures are snapped, and cool breezes put a bounce in the step of everyone from my friend’s 12-year-old retriever to my sister’s three-year-old son, who loves picking up the “feathers” falling from the trees (I swear I’m going to correct him just as soon as that stops being adorable- hopefully before his first science class).

I should be sad. I love summer: snow cones, long days, and the barbeques- oh the barbeques! My beach bag begs from the corner: what, pray tell could possibly be better than summer?

But that autumn season, she is smart- she knows how to play her cards. Or as Emily Dickinson’s more cheery friend Helen Hunt Jackson put it, September offers “summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.”

The crisp whites and sparkling pinks of summer slowly, then suddenly, turn to autumn’s reds and warm burgundies. Hints of citrus and floral notes are replaced by whispers of cinnamon and whiffs of smoky flavor. The changes, some sizeable and others subtle, soothingly drift onto our menus, sweet and tangy to the taste. We raise our glasses weighted, warm, and full-bodied to toast the season of change and welcome the possibilities it brings.

I am talking about wine, of course. I love wine! And there’s no better season for wine than autumn.

summer-is-wine-ing-down3One of my favorite things about wine is the fun, creative, or beautiful ways there are to store, carry, serve, and preserve it. I have a leather wine holder a friend brought me from Argentina that I treasure. I have wine corks I brought back from South Africa and I love the memories those uncap. I have a red leather champagne bottle cover just waiting for the right occasion. From cat-shaped carafes to sassy charms, beaded bottle covers to quirky openers, there are a plethora of ways to add some seasonal spice to your wine-drinking experience. So whether it’s a simple glass on an ordinary Tuesday or a bottle to commemorate a special moment, I hope will find a way to add some festive fall fun to your vintage. If you’ve read my previous post on feather spreading, then you’ll understand why I have my eye on a certain Eiffel Tower wine rack.

However you choose to celebrate the arrival of autumn- be apple picking or wine mulling or both- I raise my glass here in the Blue Ridge to us Nesting Chicks: a joyful, grateful cheers to the new season and all its/our possibilities! You can click here to view our Vino Living line of products.

Contributed by Shaw Hipsher. The Nesting Chick welcomes your comments!