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Cloak of Many Feathers

cloak-of-many-feathersEver find yourself staring into your closet like it’s a black void? Or a jungle of tweed, leather, corduroy, cotton, and denim- purses perched precariously like monkeys ready to swing down on you while scarves weave like vines across tangled branches of hangers, some of them bare as the escapees accumulate on the floor like shed leaves? The lion, the witch, and the rest of Narnia could all be hiding in there and you’d be none the wiser. But more importantly where the heck is that perfect lightweight cardigan you’re looking for and should have been out the door with 15 now 16 minutes ago?

In my post on decluttering the nest, I mentioned seeing the trees through the forest. The closet is the heart of that forest- the shining example of how establishing and maintaining an order can pay off exponentially just by making it easier to get out the door in the morning or pack for a trip. I remember the moment when I first fell in love with the idea of bringing order to the black hole some refer to as the clothes closet. I was a college student being given a home tour for a family for whom I was housesitting. The house was lovely, but forget the fireplace and walls of windows- the closet was immaculate, pristine, a thing of wonder. Clothes organized by color going from sleeveless to short-sleeved to long-sleeved. There were drawers for non-hanging items. Special hangers for belts and scarves. Shelves for hats and purses. Rotating shoe racks. While they were in Hawaii enjoying paradise, I pulled up a stool in that closet and sat in awe of the ideal organization system that had somehow magically transplanted from the Sex and the City set to a lake house in North Carolina.

Now while we don’t all possess a walk-in closet that would make Carrie Bradshaw forget all about Mr. Big (for while anyway), we can, however, all take steps to make it easier to see our forest of fashion options a bit more clearly. Aside from making it easier to throw together an outfit, without some intentional prevention lovely items will get pushed into the shadowy corners of the closet (aka Siberia) not to see the light of day again until you change zip codes. Reorganization can help your clothes get more even wear as you are more likely to rotate through outfits and also help you realize what items are not seeing the light of day and are ready to leave the rotation permanently via donation or consignment.

For me, it’s the little things that make all the difference. A jewelry stand that I can have out in the open to make it easy to see all the options. Specialized bags that make packing for a trip easier. A cosmetics case I can keep out and I don’t feel the urge to hide under the sink when company comes over. Because I don’t want to just consume-consume-consume (which my mom would call clutter-clutter-clutter though I believe the current buzzword for this is “fast fashion”) I try to buy clothes that are well-made and more classic than trendy. I also invest in (or improvise my own) organization products that make it easier to see what I actually have on hand.

While there are plenty of experts out there to give us advice, Nesting Chicks need a special space for their cloaks of many feathers. I’d like to hear from you: how to you establish and maintain order in your clothes closets and other “getting ready” spaces like the bathroom, the bedroom, etc. For those of you who have made it from jungle chaos to manicured forest, draw a map for our sisters still fighting through the foliage!